We Are Excited To See So Much Of Bliss This Year!

Bliss fans in India get ready for a never before wonderful experience, This time he is back with some new Magic tricks at his finger tips. Lets welcome the progressive maestro in the trance history. Any progressive trance fan will not dare to miss those Live Guitar Set of his. He is coming for a 3 city India tour – Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore. Tour is managed by Galaxy Bookings India.


For Those who Don’t know BLISS !

BLISS is the Musical project by Mr. Yonatan Marcow. Throughout the childhood his life was around music and guitar. He was active with various metal bands. In 2005 he released a debut album ‘The Rhythms Gene’ and it was a huge success and was fastly adopted between leading producers and Dj’s who featured the track on their set.

With over 120 successful concerts in 2014 BLISS alone is considered as one of the hottest electronic music producer in the world.Bliss had performed in Tomorrowland(Belgium) Earth core(Australia) World Trance Festival (France) Fantastic festival( Mexico) Tribe(Brazil), Neverland Festival ( Israel), Dreamstate SoCal 2017 (USA) & lot more.


BLiSS India Tour Date & Tickets

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