We all will agree that each of us has to spend thier time alone at least at some point in thier lives. While most of us are not comfortable with solitude, a lot of us enjoy it. But there is always this one time when you don’t have anything to do, you sit alone and realize you’re bored. It’s not that easy as it sounds when it comes to dealing with being bored because according to Psychology Today, Boredom¬†is unpleasant and physically painful too. It can make you feel angry and frustrated. Boredom can also influence your actions and result in bad unhealthy habits. So here’s what you can do to kill your boredom.

  1. Get yourself an adult coloring bookThis sounds childish but even you will agree on how much fun it is, maybe secretly. There are so many themed coloring books available in the market for you to choose from. You can pick a complex design that needs tiny detail coloring. Doing this will not only keep your mind occupied but will also calm you down. You can turn on your favorite music and fill in your favorite shades into the book.

  2. Try a popular internet challenge

    There are so many fun challenges that become the talk of the internet from time to time. It could be about spreading awareness about a specific issue or it could be just for fun. There’s no harm in trying out new things and what’s popular, is popular for a reason. You could even nominate your friends to do it!

3. Plan on how you can rearrange your room

Your room is your den, your safe place, your temple and trying to make it more comfortable for you is any day a good idea. You can plan on shifting your furniture around a bit, changing how your room looks and how you would feel about it. If not, you could even look up some ‘feng shui’ tips to channel the flow of positive energy in your room.

4. Practice your skills

The best time to spend your free time is to practice anything that you think you’re good at or want to be good at. The more you practice, the better you get at it. Even if you think that you’re not good at anything, then you can try to learn something that you always wanted to. The internet has made it easier for anyone to learn anything, all you need is some motivation and that can come from your own self too.

5. Learn to cook a delicious meal

A lot of people eat because thier bored. Tasting delightful flavors makes you feel like you’re satisfied, a feeling that is also known as ‘Foodgasm’. But eating because you’re bored is a very unhealthy habit, as it leads to unhealthy eating and fatigue. Instead of ordering junk food, you could try to cook a nice meal for you. It takes time but it also occupies your mind, and longer you wait for the food, the better it tastes.

6. Try an easy DIY

There are many do-it-yourself tutorials available on the internet. If you are a fashion enthusiast then you can check out some really cool DIY outfits or hacks. You can even try to make something simple like a decorative design for your room or something that you can use. Don’t worry about not getting it right because the important thing is that you try.

This is some simple things you can try to kill your boredom. Trying to do something about it is a better idea than just succumbing to it because boredom is actually more serious than you think it is. It can lead to other mental health issues, so remember to not ignore it ever and don’t forget to laugh out loud at least once a day.







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